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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 12, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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taken out of their home in handcuffs, we've been wondering what the charges are. a few minutes ago, inside the courthouse we just learned what they were arrested for. they've both been charged with two counts. the first is a federal offense of tampering with evidence. the second, another federal offense. destruction of records. both of those charges come from today's incident. we don't know exactly what happened. that's because both thelawyer for jack johnson as well as the lawyer for his wife leslie johnson asked the judge if he would waive a formal reading of the complaint inside the courtroom. the judge obliged so we don't know exactly what went down. but in our unsealed documents, as soon as the proceedings inside the courtroom finish p, they will be made public and of course, we will bring you the very latest information. now, of course, as i said before, we're waiting here at the podium. waiting for the fbi t make a
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statement. we are waiting for the u.s. attorney's office to make a statement. we're waiting for the irs criminal investigation unit to make a statement about what happed inside the house of jack johnson and his wife leslie johnson. for right now, we're here live outside the courthouse. john schriffen, back to you in the studio. >> okay. thank you. it was a shocking scene at the johnson home. the county executive led away in handcuffs. his wife leslie led away with a coat covering her head. our team coverage continue with tracee wilkins, the first reporter to arrive outside the johnson home in tchellville today. tracee? >> reporter: let me tell you what it look like here a little while ago. we have video of agents wrapng up their investigation here at the johnson home them walked out carrying boxes. box upon box. they loaded up those vehicles that they had here parked outside the johnson home since early this morning. loaded the vehicles with boxes and then took off, saying they have wrapped up their investigation here at the home.
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this after the county executive was taken away from his house earlier this afternoon in handcuffs. just after 12:30, prince george's county executive jack johnson and his we've leslie johnson were taken into federal custody at their mitchellville home. >> special agent with the fbi serving a search warrant. >> what is the warrant about? >> i'm not at liberty to discuss that. if you want any comments other, you will to have discuss that with the public affairs office. irs is also with us. >> federal agents at the fbi and irs were tight-lipped as they serbed a number of search warrants. they were taken into custody one at a time in separate vehicles. mrs. jnson who was recentl elected to the district six prince george's county council seat was first to leave the home with her head covered. up some later, a separate car pulled up for mr. johnson. he openly walk out of his home refusing to answer questions. >> any comment? >> reporter: then a few minutes
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later, a plumber showed up at the how many. he said he was called by federal investigators to look for flushed evidence. did they tell what you may have been flushed? >> i don't know the details. they're not telling me a whole lot. they're just asking me to check a couple thing for them. >> reporter: this was not a scheled call. you were called by the agent to check? >> right. i was called by the the fbi. right. >> reporter: he said no flush evidence was found. about a dozen unmarked federal cars with maryland, virginia, and d.c. tags crowded the mitchellville cul-de-sac where they live. a repair man was brought in to fih a broken window of the first floor. presumably broken during the initial raid. in the past, jack johnson has been arrested for his alleged connection to dpeelz have gone to friends or people with close ties to the county executive t johnson was never charged with anything. again, investigators say that they have wrapped up their investigation here at the johnson home. they have all driven away from the scene here. and neighbors are still standing
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by this shock ter all that they've seen here. we talk with folk who have lived here with the johnsons for years. we've gotten their reaction. we'll have that report coming up at 6:0 p.m. also, some of his political foes came out and had some thing they wanted to say as well. we'll have that at 6:00. back to you in the studio. >> we'll see you then. search warns were also served at the county executive's office and news4 was the only station to get video of federal agents there. >> derrick ward has a look at what happens if jack johnson is unable to fish serving his material. >> reporter: indeed. we're outside the county administration building in upper marlboro. you see that behind me. the federal agents have been here intense 10:00 this morning. after 10:00 this morning. a few of them still remain on the scene of this investigation. very extensive going on. obviouy an investigation that caught a lot of people by surprise. >> at 10:20 this morning, about a dozen federal agents descended upon the county administration
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building in upper marlboro. news4 has this exclusive footage of investigators as they made their way to the fifth floor. the county executive office suite. >> federal authorities executed a search warrant at the county administration building. and since that time, the county government has been cooperating fully. we are not aware of the nature of the investigation or of any allegations. >> the building houses officers of members of the county council. the spoke person was asked about that. >> no search has been conducted on our floort this time that i'm aware of. >> reporter: while it remain unclear at this hour whether the county executive will finish out his material, there is a contingency on the books should not continue until the end of his term. >> we don't know if anybody needs to stand in for the county executive right now. but if the county executive is incapacitated, there is a process that was already put in place that executive order was signed by mr. johnson that
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howard burnett, the deputy chief executive officer for health and human services would serve. >> reporter: while they were unsure early on for the reason for the arrests and the searches, there was more in the way of speakg to his record and his two terms in office. >> he's been a good man. he's been great for is county. the lowest crime rate in 35 years. an aaa bond rating. test scores in school have increased dramatically over the st six years. and it is because of him putting the resources where they need to go. >> reporter: now that represents a recent change in the succession should the county council -- sorry, the county executive be unable to finish his terms of it is too early to speculate whether that will even be needed. but h term will end at noon on december 6. we're live in upper marlboro. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. >>ack johnsohas been a major
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player in prince george's county politics for many years. the howard university law graduate served as the depu state's attorney before become state's attorney for the county. a position in which he served two terms. in 2002, he was elected county executive. he was reelected in 2006. earlier th month, his wife leslie johnson was elected to a seat on the county council. and news4 has just tten our hands on the cou documents. each charge carries a mac of 20 years in prison. we'll bring you more on that and the news conference throughout this half-hour. and for the very latest on this still unfolding story, be sure to logon to our website. it was supposed to be a metro internal memo but did it become public. the metro tells employees to be on the lookout for two men seen videotaping the l'enfant plaza tro station. they were apparently trying to videotape activities in metro inconspicuously by holding a camera at their side between their chest and waist.
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this alert come a week after a northern virginia man was arrested and charged with trying to bomb four metro stations the u.s. park police are asking for your help, solving a 7-year-old cold case. they're trying to identify the remain of a man found under the roosevelt bridge in 2003. this is a composite sketch that was just released. the man is african-american in his 30s. he was wearing a chicago white sox cap wen he died. officials tell us the man also had a growth in his mouth that would have made it difficult for him to talk or eat. anyoneith information is urged to call park police. students at bowie state university gathered on campus in support of the school's proceed vote of who leaves her job today. she had been at the school for only four months. in october she received a no confidence vote after some fact you will members said they weren't included on administrative charges that she made. dozens of students gathered in a show of solidari for jones.
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>> she did leave agendas, models for us to mimic after so we could take these things. let's not focus on the issue but let's focus on moving forward. a spoke person for the university called jones' depart you are a personnel decision that the president made in the best interests of the school. no word yeton who will replace her. well, if you liked the weather today, you are going to love what's coming our y this week, folk. >> cef meteorologist doug kammerer joins us to tell us how lovely it will be. >> it has been a great week. and it look like i will be a great weekend out there as well. the temperature have been climbing well above five to ten degrees above normal. some locations. let's take a look. the su has made its way down. a beautiful evening, although we are going to cool down very quickly after a very chilly morning. high temperature this morning reach around 65 in the d.c.
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area. 58 degrees. the wind out of the east northeast bat seven miles per hour. cooling off to 54 around frederick ski frerick. to the east, around 57, 53 degrees, rather, down toward leonardtown. what will we be seeing? more nice weather. not a cloud in the sky. i don't expect to see much in the way of clouds tomorrow either. it is going to be a chilly night going down to about 39 degrees when you wake up. that's inside the beltway. some areas will be in the mid to upper 20s. the full forecast coming up. >> bundle up. thank you. the salvation army bells are ringing again. this year a little extra urgency. julie carey joins us now and tells just a change in one retailer's policy is causing some big worries. salvation army kettles have been stationed for decades but new rules could cut into their fundraising.
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>> three, two, one! >> reporter: another season with an ambitious goal. they want to raise $1.6 million this hospital but they face a new chaenge. giant food has changed its policy on charitable groups soliciting outside stores. instead of bell riing six days a week, the salvation army will be limited to six days in november and six days in december. ju four hours at a time. while the salvation army officials say they value their relationship with giant, they are worried. half of the $3.9 million came from kettles in front of giant. >> we're very concerned. about 33,000 people that will receive assistance from the salvation army between now and christmas. we're committed to do that. a large amount come from the ttle campaign so we're asking
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people to dig a little deeper this year. >> reporter: the new giant policy affects all charitable grps. they'll only be allowed two days per month and sundays are now off limits. said the spokesman, in order to best serve our customers and not hinder their shopping experience, it is necessary we operate within an established guideline. he claim some groups will have increased fundraising opportunities. the salvation army hopes donors will look harder for them at places like kmart, walmart, jcpenney. some customers questiothe policy. >> a great way to support the community. i would be in favor of having them out there and i don't see why theyhould be himming them. >> other shoppers welcome the limit. >> i find that it is in the way. and i really feel kind of guilty about not doing it but i feel like don't bother me. i'm going grocery shopping and i don't want to be bothered. >> the salvation army does have a new way to give this year.
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they have set up online red kettles. coming up at 6:00, we'll look at other groupsed about the new policy. investigatin emts over allegations they lied about their location when responding to a call where a woman died. her ick thinking made the difference between life or death. how this local teenager saved her teacher's life. the budget axe is falling. you could be payng
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a new sdy is linging severe acne to suicide. swedish researchers found an even greater risk for teenagers using accutane but they believe it is likely due to the acne itself. not the drug. the study found suicide risk to be highest within six months after accutane treatment ended. researchers believe the patients became distraught when their social lives did not improve after their complexions cleared up. and coulit get easier to make healthy decisions at the supermarket next year. the federal government has asked food makers to develop a labeling system that would p nutritional information on the front of packages. volunteer. a 14-year-old girl in mclean, virginia, is being credited with saving her
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teacher's life. >> she jumped into action giving her teacher the heimlich maneuver. she said she was sigt at her biology class on monday when she noticeher teacher culdn't make out any ords. they were the middle of a nutrition lesson when piece of food got lodged in her teacher's throat. she had taken a class at reston hospital center teaching her to peorm the heimlich. she said everything happened so fast. >> it all happened in about 30 seconds. she had taken a bit of a bar which someone brought in to our class. anit was, i think, about three time that i had to push my arms against her stomach before herrera way was clear. >> she has taught it the dozens of other students. she said her quick thinking made the difference between life and death. >> give her an "a" in that biology class.
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>> we saw thimorning the temperature were in the mid 20s. very chilly, the good thing is just as quickly as you cool down during the evening hours, you quickly warm up during the morning hours. so yes, you may ned jacket as you start off. by around 9:00, 10:00, you can take the jacket right back off. it will fly quickly ring the day. just a gorgeous evening. temperatures are falling. 58 degrees. winds out of the east northeast at about seven miles per hour. not much wind out there. the lows this morning, 27 in manassas, 27 back toward martinsburg. baltimore at 31 degrees. and clinton, around 35. a very chilly start to the day. we've warmed up nicely. 66, the high. 57 right now in sterling. look at manassas, cooling down. bam, we really start to cool
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down quick with an air mass like the in the 50-degree mark. we'll coolown even more rapidly. the area of high pressure in the huge ridge that isow building into our area. that will mean great weath for us over the next couple of days. nice weather for saturday. nice weather for sunday. that high pressure will be dominating the region. that mean plenty o sunshine and high temperature above average. we'll watch as this next frontal boundary incs ever closer. it may give us a slight chance of a shower on monday. i most of the day on monday will be dry. the pattern changer come after that frontal boundary during the day tuesday and wednesday. a great evening, light winds, 56 degrees. we will cool down even faster i the suburbs. tonight into tomorrow morning, clear skies. a chilly start. way to about 39 degrees in some locations could be colder than that as you wake up for those soccer games tomorrow morning. make sure the kids have on a
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little extra layer. nice and warm. a great day. 63 to 67. how about the next four days? great on sunday. then monday and tuesday, things change up a little. tuesday, a high of 59. that will really change the pattern for next week. >> that's our payback for sunday and monday. >> for the whole week. coming up interesting supreme court decides not to get involve in the dispute over don't ask don't tell. and navigating around the district. the secret that airlineser in reveal from the best day to buy your ticket tthe best onne resources for cheap fares. >> reporter: how long do jurors last on surfaces like key boards? with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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so how long do germs last on surfaces like door nobz and computer key bods in can parking on a pile of leaves b dangerous? and a question about bank checks. it is friday which mean it is time to turn to liz crenshaw. >> people always ask this question about cold and flu season. how do i catch something from somebody else. >> it is timely. it is all around us.
5:24 pm
our first question does come from devin. he said he has a cold and wants to know how long can germs last on thing like key boards. >> we didheck with the infectious disease specialist lisa pits patrick for this aner. she told us thlife of a germ depends on several factors. how, cold and flu germs normally last up to three hours outside the body. thatean that germs on surfaces on door knobs and key boards can last up to three hours after the germ is exposed to that surce. on very rare occasions, some germ can la up to 48 hours on surfaces. wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. sorry. >> that's the key. >> motherf three. >> say it a lot. wash your hands. >> our next question come from pam. pam has heard never to park over a pile of raked leaves. >> we did could not tack the
5:25 pm
firemen r your answer. it does not recommend that drivers, that over leaf piles. this is because large mechanical parts of your car, specifically your catalytic converter considering get extremely hot. if any of those parts are in close contact with your car, they can and do start fires. the prince george's fire department that avoid poork wet cleves can be a slippery driving hazard. the bottom line is, try t stay away from the leaves when you're parking your car. >> the wet ones are tricky. the final question come from a viewer named frank. frank said did a bankefuse to cash one of its own checks because he was not a current customer. it would only cash that check if frank pd a $10 fee. he wants to know is that legal? >> we asked the american bankers association for help with. this it speaks banks can legally charge fees for noncustomers trying to cash checks by adding the fee is bank is trying to cover its ricks and costs
5:26 pm
associated with cashing a check for a noncustomer. for example, if the check is forged, the bank has no way to retrieve loss from someone who isn't a customer. the aba said a better way to cash a check is to take it to your own bank. that way there is no fee. however, sometime there might be a brief holding period while the bank mak sure the check of the writer's account has enough funds. if you have a question would you like us to consider for "ask liz," you can use this e-mail address to contact us about any story idea that you have. >> making us smarter as we head into the weekend. we're staying on top of our breaking news. jack johnson and his wife arrested today. we just got our hands on the courtocuments detailing the allegations ofbribery. details of a live report coming up. plus, a new push to charge
5:27 pm
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we're learning a whole lot more about jack johnson and his wife. new details of an audio and video recording and an fbi sting operation. >> jack and leslie johnson were arrested at their home this morning themselves made their first court appearance about an hour ago. john shichb is outside the green belt.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: this fbi investigation dates back to 2007 with a, in this affidavit, a developer who was cooperating with the fbi, involve in the sting, and he ishe one who set up jack johnson and his wife. now will he take a look at this video. this is the arrest of jack johnson and his wife leslie johnson. since 2007, the fbi has been investigating potential developers, potentially giving money to county executives in return for county deal. today, t fbi acted on that with their sting that they set up. now let's go to this affidavit that the fbi has just been released. the fbi affidavit from the core room. here's what was said. when two women knocked on the door, leslie johnson who was home at the time lled her husband jack johnson. now, aording to the wiretap in this affidavit, leslie johnson said to her husband work the women are at the door. jack johnson then applied, don't aner it. then at that time they mentioned talk about a $100,000 check that
5:31 pm
was given to the johnsons by developer "a" who was in on this fbi sting. jack johnson then said, tear up the check. leslie johnsonapplied, do you want me to put it down the toil sunset jack johnson said, yes. flush that. now there was mentioduring that call, cash that was lying around the house. jack johnson said to leslie, put the cash in your underwear. leslie applied, i have it in my bra. the details just came out. just a few minutes ago from this affidavit from the fbi. more details are still coming out abouthis case. jack johnson and leslie johnson both facing two federal counts of tampering with evidence and destroying records. we'll have more on this coming up. that's the very latest. we're still waiting for a press conference here with the fbi, the irs, as well as the u.s. state's attorney's office. for now we're live here outside the courthouse. back to you in the studio. >> you were saying this go back to 2006 or 2007.
5:32 pm
were those developers already sort of working? did they already get them with the fbi so it goes on for a while? >> it is the information is still coming out. at this point i'm not sure when developer "a," the person in on this sting, was cooperating with the fbi. the fbi did say 2006 and 2007. they have been investigating prince george's coty executives who have been allegedly involved in this cash for developing disease. >> he's been in office for eight years. john schriffen, thanks so much for bringing us all that new dramatic detail there. again, we have this on audio recording and video tape, too, some of it. the museums of the smithsonian institution draw millions of school children and every year we know. and all of the museums ha free admission. >> now there is a suggestion the smithsonian should start charging to help reduce the
5:33 pm
federal budget deficit. tom sherwood is hre with the reaction to that proposal. >> reporter: the museums have always been free. we found some touris who that they wouldn't mind paying something. the air and space museum draws millions of visitors every year. one of america's premier tourist spots. >> it is 19 museums. and research center. right here lining the mall are all the big museums. >> reporter: founded in the 1800s from a benefactor, the smithsonian gets 75% of its operating funds from american taxpayers. now a bipartisan commission is suggesting each visitor pay as much as $7.50 help reduce the national debt. a move the museums fear could hurt attendance. >> if we have a fee, first of all, it would be a problem for low income visit oz. that's first. second, yes, it probably would cut down our visors because
5:34 pm
not everyone could afford it. >> reporter: they also draw huge crowds of sxhil junior high students. the entrance fee could be hard tohandle. >> devastated. >> reporter: the tourists on the mall mostly agree. fees would be unwelcome. >> i grew up in a town where museums and art things were free and i they shld be free for all people. >> reporter: others say the smithsonian is so interesting and so valuable, they wouldn't mind paying something. >> i'm from chicago. we pay all our museums and i would pay here, too. i'm okay with at. i think it is of value to th country and the community we should do it. >> reporter: there have been several other suggestions to charge fees at the smithsonian. the idea has never gone knew where. >> tom sherwood. the d.c. firemen is instigating allegations tonight of aof an incident in which a 72-year-old woman died. fire ofcials tell us the 911
5:35 pm
call came from area of oak and 14th streets. sources tell news4, two firefighter emts were supposed to be in an ambulance temporarily assigned ta fire station block away. but gps records show they were actual why you miles aay at another fire station where they began what would end their shift. records also show it took the ambulance more than 16 minutes to respond. after a rough week, president obama had a rough week abroad. he fail to reach a trade agreement with south korea. david gregory is with us. you have the top adviser on. what do you expect he will say about the psident's image at home and around the world now? >> you look at the pressure points here. the politics of the economy. both abroad and at home are reallyery difficult for the president at this particular moment. abroad, it was not just faltering on free trade, an
5:36 pm
issue th korea. but also that our allies, they are dealing with the recovery. this is creating a more pressure. i think they are dwarfed by the pressure here domestically on dealing with government spending and creati a jobs. that's what the president is coming back to. >> you have senator john mccain on and he is just back from afghanistan. and his wife is promoting don't askon't tell. which he is against. >> right. it is a very important moment right now for whether this ban on gays and lesbians in the military will be rescinded. the president wants that to happen but there aren't the votes. senator mccain is against it. secretary gates said it has to happen in this lame duck session coming up. come january you get more republicans in the senate. it will be a more difficult th. i think if the president does not get, that he is in for more disappointment and more back lash. >> interesting. stay tuned. we'll look forward to sunday morning. anks so much. you can watch "me
5:37 pm
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a beauty squeen in a food fight may land one school in the history books. all stories that make you say p-h-a-t. the gun shop owner's beauty queen wife could be bound for jail. daniellea was seen at the store helping to clean up. but that violates the term of her plea deal. you see the former miss kentucky with a recently strip of her crown for assaulting a woman. she was ordered to stay away from her husband's store. >> that gun shop robbery could have bee prevented. at least according to one california man's crime fighting method. he says it is possible to predict where certain crimes will happen by using mathematics. he uses the samal goe rhythm seismologists use, but instead of picking afterock, he
5:41 pm
predicts crime. his models can pick the zones where officers could have stop a quarter of the burglary that's day. he is now working with his local police department. and the pies were flying at a prep school in new jersey. it was an effort to break the world record for the biggest custard pie fight. more than 400 students and faculty hurled more than 1,500 pies. they say the think they set the record and they raise $10,000 for a local soup kitchen, too. coming upnext, secrets to finding a good deal if you pn to travel for the holidays. what you need to know before you buy. in sports, a fall tradition in dascus. what's coming up at 6:00? >> hi, guys, we'l continue to follow the latest developles out of prince george's county. jack johnson and his wife leslie are facing federal charges of tampering and destruction of
5:42 pm
evidence. also ahead at 6:00, the death of a virginia soldier has been ruled a homicide. plus a major ruling from the supreme court on the miliry don't ask don't tell policy.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
let's fast forward through headlines. we're hearing some hot details about what's coming out of the affidavit against prince george's county's executive jack johnson and his wife less lie were arrested at the mitchellville home. some of the nuggets he will her when he realized the fbi was at thdoor. he will her in wiretapped phone
5:45 pm
conversations to flush a $100,000 check and to take money that was hiding in the house and to stick it in her underwear. she applied, it is in my bra. those arrests followed the search of several county offices and the johnson family home. a bipartisan xhig suggesting visitors to the smithsonian institution museums pay a fee to help reduce the federal deficit. the suggested am is $7.50. similar recommendations in th past have not been successful. >> reporter: salvation army bell ringers, giant foods has changed its policy on group soliciting outside their stores and is now himming the number of the days and hours that are allowed. the salvation army is worried about the impact. if you're trying to make your holiday travel plan and
5:46 pm
you're waiting for last-minute deals, don't wait will. >> travel experts say expect airline fas to continue to rise. don't despair. some advice on how to find the best dea out there. >> reporter: if you have yet to book your holiday travel, consider this your warning. it could be a bumpy ride. because if you don't book soon, you might not just miss a good deal. you might missut altogether. >> the difference is pretty stark compared to last year. >> reporter: west the travel bsite tvel zoo. emcompetition is high for seats this year because airlines are making sure there are fewer of them. >> they've been slowly cutting back capacity, switching larger aircraft for smaller aircraft. simply not addin flights on certain routes. creating the kind demnd that is now driving prices up.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: so with that in mind, you'll need to sharpen your bargain flight searching skills. what he recommends is not limiting yoursel to justne o.t.a. or online travel agency. in fact, he says, try at least three. >> a lot of these agencies have exclives with certain airlines on certain routes. it could very well be by checking that third ota, it will come up with a price the other couple are not giving you. >> reporter: and follow your preferred airline on twitter or light them on face book. those are often the first plaes sales show up. become on tuesday afternoons or wednesday morning. that's when the sales are the best. and don't forg these. bags, leg room, even pillows and blankets. the cheapest ticket doesn't always mean the cheapest trip. our next tip is for folks flying out of one airport in particular. san jose. you might want to give yourself a little extra time this year. >> one of the thing that ten to
5:48 pm
slow down holiday travel is a lot of passengers who don't fly that much. who are not used to the way things are run. add to that this year in san jose. they have a whole new airport to figure out. when it come to securi, as of november 1, the airline are required by law to give the tsa your full name, gender, and daughter of birds before you travel. and make sure the name on that ticket exactly matches the one on your i.d. or you may not be allowed to fly at all, making it one of the shtest and unhappiest holiday trips you have ever taken. >> now despite rising air fares, one report finds the null of travelers flying thanksgiving will be up about 3.5% over last year. a new report finds seven of the nation's ruschest counties are right here. loudoun county virginia is at the top with a median househd income of $140,000. howard counties at number two
5:49 pm
and three. in the top ten, arlington, montgomery, calvert, and charles. the survey was compiled by "newsweek" using u.s. census information. all have those counties will feel some great weaer this weekend. >> each one of those county will be dipping down tonight. the temperature into the 30s for most areas. and then tomorrow, everybody back into the 60s will take a look outside. we'll see clear skies and that will allow temperatures to done down. down to 58. winds out of the east northeast at seven miles an hour. look toward frederick. the current temperature is 45. clinton, maryland, at 52 degrees. and leonard town down to about 53. overnight, down about 26 around warrenton. tomorrow, everybody warming up to the mid 60s. saturday will be a gorgeous day. and sunday should be a repiece.
5:50 pm
the high temperature around 66. a good chance of rain tuesday, monarch slight chance. a lot of rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. that storm will be a game changer. i'll tell you more about that in my full and extended forecast. >> thank you, doug. turning to sport. lindsay is here with the big story. the story behind damascus high's quarterback. >> the playoff time in high scho football. the opening round of the postseason begins tonight in montgomery county. it is top seeded damascus. coming off a perfect season thanks in part to their leader. the senior quarterback. he racked up 25 touchdowns while only drawing one interception. football is in frazier's veins. and conner is carrying on the tradition. >> conner frazier is clutch. the damascus senior is a duel
5:51 pm
threat quarterback who dominates. his ability to take over came into focus early this season in a game against the rival leading the swarming horpetts to a for you quarter come back victory. >> that s the first game where he was making plays. from that point on, we've really, when we needed something, that'what we leaned on is him having to run through the option. >> not just all me. it is definitely a team thing. the line has done a great job for me. and i like to be in that moment. >> what conner does on friday nights is a result of what he does every day during the week, filmstudy, spending hours after class breang down opposing defenses. >> it is very important to be prepared for your opponent. just so you know during game
5:52 pm
time that you, what looks thought give you will. >> a bright kid in general. the gpa, he has ivy schools looking at him. as he smart kid. he's been playing football all his life. having that intelligence make it easy for him. >> football run in the family. his two big brothers wore the green and gold. the middle brother was a quarterback leading damascus to two state championshs. he is now playing at monmouth university. the oldest brother was a defensive back who graduated in 2003. heas since returned to his alma mater as an assistant coach. >> we both love football so much. it is just very special for us both to be able to lean on each othe when we need things. in regard to the football. i think he would tell you that i am probly on him than anybody else but i'm also the first person to come give him a pat on
5:53 pm
the butt when he needs it also. >> i wt to be competitive. you ha to kind of one up your older brothers. but i just think that we all had successful careers. damaus has been a great community, and a great school to us. conner frazier leading the swarming hornets by following i the footstep of his two big brothers. news4, sports. he has two scholarships, by the way. >> wow! >> very cool. coming up, a major road project almost done but not before anothe round of closures. >> what you need to know to get around the district this weekend.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
brace yourself for delays on metro. crews will be doing work on all five lines. the transit agency is telling riders to add at least 30 minutes on to their normal travel time. they work to up date the track. another project has snarled traffic for months now. the send in sight.
5:57 pm
>> they're putting the finishing touches on ohio drive. all lanes will be shut from the roosevelt bridge over rock creek parkway to independence avenue as you head down there by the keedy center. elaine reyes has that story. >> you come rode and it catches you surprise. you have to turn around and go back across another bridge. they're apparently putting the last pavement there. w here's the package. >> orange barrels, detours and barricades have frustrated ohio drive commuters for months. the construction project near the mall and monuments at times, snarled traffic for hours into virginia. on monday morning, ohio drive reopens. this week, al lanes will get a final surface list and the new pavement painted. message boards are in the vicinity to warn drivers of the weekend closure. >> the road will be closed the
5:58 pm
entire weekend. all lanes. a very important messageo get out for driver s that people are not stuck, say, 17th and independence or in the area of the tidal basin. >> ohio drive will be shu down for work for the roosevelt bridge tow rock creek parkway. elaine reyes, news4. >> if all goes as planned, ohio drive will finally mercifully be reopened at 5:00 a.m. monday morning and it will make monday morning so muc better. >> we know it well. >> yes, we do. that's it for news4 at 5:00. has been one heck of a day here. >> for the latest on the arrest of jack johnson and his wife, news4 at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news, dramatic developments in the arrest of prince george's executive jack
5:59 pm
johnson and his wife leslie johnson. the list of charges are out. tampering with evidence, destruction of records and aiding and abetting. >> court documents reveal a discussion about flushing check down a toilet. good evening. >> here's the very latest. the charges against prince george's county executive jack johnson are lked to accusations that he was involved in bribe and extortion involving real estate developers. johnson and his wife who was recently elected to th county council were taken into custody just after 12:30 today and federal agents invaded the office this mning. from upper marlboro to mitchellville, we have crews across the county covering the latest developments. we begin in green belt with darcy spencer. >> reporter: mr. and mrs. johnson appeared in court. wrapping up just a few minutes ago. they outlined what the charges re during that initial appearance here in the u.s district court. they are tampering with a witness, evidence and


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